I was divorced in March of 2011, in the divorce decree I was to sign my rights to the house away. I forgot to do the quit claim.

Q: I forgot to sign the quit claim deed for the home and received a judgment against me for credit card debt. My ex wants to refinance the house but since I am still on it he can't due to the judgment against me. What are my options to get me off the house? A: [...]

How to drop a defendant of my complaint?

I have a law suit against a corporation and two people, Now I see one person in the case is not responsible for the charge, and I want to drop him off the case. Could you please instruct me how to do that. A: This is probably not a decision that you should make without [...]

If a check is marked paid in full can I still be sued?

I have a past contract employee that has been paid in full and marked on final check - however he is threatening to sue. He feels he is due more then agreed upon. I want to know if I am still at risk, if taken to court. A: I have litigated the question of accord [...]

Do I need to respond or answer if the defendants lawyer is asking the court to dismiss my case with prejudice?

Im claimant. Lawyer of defendnt filed to dismiss w/prejud. I filed a motion of continuance so I could find a lawyer. Could the judge dismiss my case? I received disclosures within 20 calendar days , no copy of venue change was sent. Which filed for default because I didn't know disclosure was also an answer? [...]