Is a party to a lawsuit allowed to file a response to a Non-Party’s filed objection to a subpoena duces tecum?

If a party to a lawsuit serves a non-party with a subpoena duces tecum to produce documents, and the non-party files an objection with the court so as to not comply with the subpoena, are both the Plaintiff and Defendant then allowed to file responses to the non-party’s filed objection?

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I’m a party to a suit. The opposing party sent a subpoena to a non-party. The non-party filed an objection to the subpoena. I want to file a non-oppositional response to the non-party’s filed objection. Can I do this, or would it be improper?

A: Assuming that you are in Superior Court, the rule to look at is Arizona Rule of Civil Procedure 45. I reviewed it very quickly and didn’t see anything right on point. You may want to review it with more care. I see very little downside to you filing something on the issue so that the judge can have your point of view on the issue.

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