Arizona Litigation Matters

Why we can’t tell you about some of our best work…

Some of our most significant cases have concerned very sensitive subjects, such as sexual harassment, whistleblowing relating to violations of federal and Arizona law, and other matters. Frequently, when this type of case settles, we can obtain the best results for our clients by incorporating confidentiality clauses into the settlement agreement. That means we often can’t tell anyone how large the settlement was, or even whether a particular case settled.

  • Obtained a substantial jury verdict against the estate of a person who had broken a promise to include our clients in a will.
  • Represented a small business owner in obtaining a six-figure settlement from an insurance company for selling the business owner a policy inappropriate for him. The settlement represented all the amounts paid to the insurance company, plus interest, plus attorneys’ fees.
  • When representing a franchisor company, obtained a restraining order against a former franchisee candidate, preventing that company from contacting our client’s employees or copying our advertising.
  • Based on lack of jurisdiction, successfully obtained complete dismissal of a case against a small business client who was sued in Arizona but lived in New York.
  • On behalf of our contractor client, obtained a judgment against a customer who had failed to pay for work completed.
  • Successfully fended off threatened lawsuit by former broker against our client, a business broker.
  • Successfully fended off a six-figure lawsuit threatened by a diamond purchaser, who asserted that our client, a diamond broker, had breached the parties’ contract.
  • Obtained complete dismissal of a lawsuit filed by a disgruntled customer of our client, a seller of table-top vending machines.
  • Obtained a jury verdict against an apartment company that had failed to protect valuable property of our client.
  • On behalf of our client, purchaser of a luxury home, obtained a return of all money paid to the builder, based on the builder’s failure to keep its promises.
  • Obtained a jury verdict on behalf of our client, whose neighbor claimed a fence was trespassing on his property.

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Arizona Litigation Matters