Appellate Litigation Lawyers

What is Appellate Litigation?

After a case has been dismissed or resolved at trial, there is usually an opportunity to appeal. The rules and procedures of an appeal are completely different from those at the trial level, so it is important to hire counsel with experience in this area.

Appellate Litigation happens after this case is appealed to a higher court. Appellate litigators can handle both trial and appellate litigation, but the latter is usually considered to be a specialty. Civil and criminal cases can both result in appellate litigation.

During a hearing with an appeal court, the court will review the previous court hearing that resulted in an appeal. The appeal court decides whether or not the previous court made the right legal decisions on the matter.

Arizona Appellate Litigation Lawyers

What We Can Do

Careful legal research and writing is particularly important in appellate cases, where the entire case is condensed down to one or two legal briefs and a single oral argument. Gunderson, Denton & Peterson has on-line access to extensive legal resources, including all U.S. statutes, regulations and administrative codes. Your case will never be compromised because of a lack of information resources or technical expertise.

Our lawyers have appeared before the Arizona Court of Appeals and Arizona Supreme Court, and have had winning appellate opinions published in the official Arizona Reports.