Employment Litigation Lawyers

What is Employment Litigation?

Employment litigation can be one of the most emotionally draining, expensive types of litigation. The attorneys at Gunderson, Denton & Peterson have extensive experience in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in this type of case.

Employment litigation includes cases related to discrimination based on race, gender, religion and/or nationality. Sexual harassment cases are also growing in number, and offer unique legal and practical problems. Litigation of covenants not to compete, non-solicitation agreements, and confidentiality agreements is also increasing as these contracts become more common. Likewise, litigation regarding trade secrets is growing as more businesses realize their dependency on those secrets.

Some Employment Matters include:

  • Negotiating substantial settlements for executive clients, based on breaches of employment contracts by former employers
  • Representing Phoenix nightclubs in sexual harassment complaints brought by employees
  • Obtaining substantial settlements of sexual harassment lawsuits brought in federal court against major companies
  • Helping clients through the substance abuse process relating to Arizona’s Board of Nursing, without adverse entries on their employment record

What We Can Do

Our attorneys have litigated all these types of employment cases. Therefore, we can advise you about how these cases are likely to progress, what law will apply, and what litigation goals are appropriate. Sometimes, employment litigation cases relate to immigration law. We have helped numerous clients with immigration related employment matters.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you about some of our best work. Some of our most significant cases have concerned very sensitive subjects, such as sexual harassment, whistle-blowing relating to violations of federal and Arizona law, and other matters. Frequently, when this type of case settles, we can obtain the best results for our clients by incorporating confidentiality clauses into the settlement agreement. That means we often can’t tell anyone how large the settlement was, or even whether a particular case settled.

Arizona Litigation Lawyers
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