Arizona Employment Litigation Matters

Why We Can’t Tell You About Some of Our Best Work…

Some of our most significant cases have concerned very sensitive subjects, such as sexual harassment, whistleblowing relating to violations of federal and Arizona law, and other matters. Frequently, when this type of case settles, we can obtain the best results for our clients by incorporating confidentiality clauses into the settlement agreement. That means we often can’t tell anyone how large the settlement was, or even whether a particular case settled.

Some of our previous work includes:

  • Negotiated a substantial settlement for our executive client based on breach of employment contract by his former employer.
  • Successfully represented a prominent Phoenix nightclub in a sexual harassment complaint brought by employees of the club.
  • Obtained a substantial settlement of a sexual harassment lawsuit brought in federal court against a major national office machine supply company.
  • Successfully represented our clients, former employees of a large furniture company, in a lawsuit brought against them by a former employer. We obtained a settlement in which the employer agreed to drop all claims in exchange for a very nominal amount.
  • Helped guide a client through the substance abuse process relating to Arizona’s Board of Nursing, with no adverse entries on our client’s employment record.
  • Have successfully guided small business clients through the process of drafting employee handbooks and negotiating favorable employment contracts.
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