My wife is filling for a Injunction against harassment tomorrow. She will most likely get the injunction but the person that is harassing her will fight it. My wife is not going to be able to stand up in a formal situation and argue the facts in court if this happens. We are looking for a attorney that will go to court in the east valley and talk for her when this happens. Also I would like to get information on Criminal Conversation and or Alien affection in the state of Arizona.

A: I have handled this type of matter before in various East Valley Courts (municipal and Superior Court). You will want to “have your ducks in a row” before going to the harassment hearing. Courts do not just hand out favorable rulings on these unless the legal conditions are met. In addition, if it is a situation where your wife has a past relationship with the harasser, there are additional possible legal complications that you will want to plan for. You can obtain our firm’s experience and contact information at:

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