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5 06, 2012

Possible penalties for unintentional violation of copyright law?

In 2008, I purchased the Your Baby Can Read program from someone on Ebay for $125.00 (my oldest daughter was almost 2 and my youngest was in utero). Earlier this year, when my youngest turned 3, I decided I would no longer be needing the program and instead of throwing it away, I re-listed it [...]

5 06, 2012

I took my car to MB for repairs and they seriously scratched my car. I have pics. Before and after, what can I do?

Originally took car for repairs. Car is insured as classic. I spent $10,576 for repairs. Had problems with car before I left MB lot. Car was kept 2 months. Work done on fuel tank. I smelled gas fumes. I took car back. They returned my car with scratches on exterior and wood grain panel interior. [...]

5 06, 2012

When does the 30 day timer start for diversity jurisdiction in the instance of potential removal?

If a Defendant receives a served complaint in which they know right off the bat that all defending parties named therein are outside the state in which the Plaintiff is a citizen, when does the 30-day timer start so as to timely file a notice of removal to federal court from state court? More specifically, [...]

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