Im claimant. Lawyer of defendnt filed to dismiss w/prejud. I filed a motion of continuance so I could find a lawyer. Could the judge dismiss my case? I received disclosures within 20 calendar days , no copy of venue change was sent. Which filed for default because I didn’t know disclosure was also an answer? Is venue change same as an answer? I thought I had choice. Clerk left it on desk for 3 weeks. You can’t sue the court! Is it ok I responded with continuance motion while I seek help? There is still no decision which court it goes to. Can I keep it in small claims or do I have to agree? If you get disclosure papers is that the same as an answer? Instructions say defendant must change venue before giving answer.

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Defendant’s attorney was just denied his motion of dismissal and judge sent me papers that say motion to set date for hearing and also said plaintiff can represent herself, yes, I did respond I was looking for a lawyer, now I think I can proceed with these instructions I received.

A: Yes, you need to respond or your case will be dismissed and you will not be able to re-file it. It’s hard to answer your other questions without more information. However, either party can have the case removed from small claims court just by requesting it properly.

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