I was working for a temp agency for 3 years with the same assignment and my assignment ended the employer told me that they wouldnt have any work for me due to my school schedule and that the company was downsizing. They denied my unemployment so I appealed since then the judge ruled that I left work voluntarily without good cause….should I appeal again?

A: I agree that your factual situation is such that you should address it with an Arizona litigation attorney before deciding how to proceed. Some attorneys, such as our firm, will meet with you for an hour or so to give advice about how to present your unemployment claim. That will put you on the right track, so that you know what the administrative law judge is likely to be looking for at the unemployment hearing or appeal level. Hiring an attorney to represent you is probably just not economical given the type of matter, the relatively simple legal issues that you could present once they are explained to you, and the fact that you’re probably conserving financial resources while you look for work.

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