Q: I recently had a fire and picked a contractor that I had used before. My insurance company agreed with him on a price and the details of the work to be done. We side an agreement with the contractor to do the work, not realizing he had omitted the two of the items from the insurance company itemized list. We had asked him on three separate occasions, how did he want to handle the missing items and each time he had a different answer. At the end of the work, we again asked him about the how he wanted to handle the unfinished work. He stated that the agreemnet we signed with him is different from the agreement with the insurance company, so therefore he was not responsible for the work.Do I have a small claim case here, the amount is $1,500?

A: Yes, if the amount is $1,500 then it can (and probably should) be handled in small claims court. Find the Justice Court that is nearest you, and go in. They will give you the forms you need to get started. Good luck!

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