3 01, 2013

I earned an Order requiring the Defendants to pay me x dollars for my fees and costs. Do I need to submit a Judgment form too?

Or is the 'Order Awarding fees and costs' [to me] the same thing as a judgment? [Maricopa County Superior Court]. The judge granted my Application for Fees and Costs with an Order Granting Application for Fees/Costs (to Plaintiff [me]) . It was dated and stated who owed me how much and at what percent of [...]

3 01, 2013

What is the tort for filing a counterclaim against a frivolous lawsuit under, Arizona law?

Defending against a retaliatory suit filed in Arizona response to a wage claim filed in a New York Court. Plaintiffs' NY attorney has written a threatening letter, warning of Az litigation, that threatens jail and is sanctinonable in NY. Suit for assault but only alleges a threat to throw water in someone's face. Suit by [...]

27 11, 2012

Can the Defendant in a civil court case demand more detail/evidence regarding Plaintiff complaint and disclosure documents?

I am currently involved in a court case- I filed an initial complaint and subsequent disclosure documents and the case is scheduled for mediation. The defendant has replied demanding more detail and stating that the case will be dismissed unless I comply. She is requesting witness information about somebody who I have not listed as [...]

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