Or is the ‘Order Awarding fees and costs’

[to me] the same thing as a judgment? [Maricopa County Superior Court]. The judge granted my Application for Fees and Costs with an Order Granting Application for Fees/Costs (to Plaintiff [me]) . It was dated and stated who owed me how much and at what percent of interest accruing per annum. Can I use that to get a writ of garnishment or execution? If not, would I just submit a Judgment form, filled out in accordance with the Order and wait for the judge to sign it?

A: If this is the final ruling of the court then yes, it will essentially be the same thing as a judgment, and you should submit a form of judgment to the court with a blank to enter your attorneys’ fees. But if this is part-way through the case, say as sanctions for a discovery violation, then you wouldn’t submit a form of judgment. The devil could be in the details on this one. It might be worth it to pay a lawyer for an hour of time to make sure you’re doing things right.

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