I took my car to MB for repairs and they seriously scratched my car. I have pics. Before and after, what can I do?

Originally took car for repairs. Car is insured as classic. I spent $10,576 for repairs. Had problems with car before I left MB lot. Car was kept 2 months. Work done on fuel tank. I smelled gas fumes. I took car back. They returned my car with scratches on exterior and wood grain panel interior. I called GM and sent email. Called Mgr and Service asst. I found mechanics did unnecessary work and provided docs to show work had already been done. They gave me small credit. What can I do about damage done to my car? I have pics before and after. Always take pics of car. Car body and interior is in great condition. This damage will impact the asking price should I want to sale.

If they negligently damaged your car, then you probably have a claim for damages for the diminution of value of your car. You will want to look at the garage slip (contract) to see if there is anything in there that limits your damages. This is probably a small claims case, since it might cost more to hire a lawyer than the case is worth.

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